Alec Payne

Legal name: Alexander Payne
PhD Candidate, Mathematics, Courant Institute, New York University
Adviser: Prof. Bruce Kleiner
Research interests: Geometric Analysis, Differential Geometry.

251 Mercer St, Room 609
New York, NY 11012


Publications and Preprints

  1. Ancient and Eternal Solutions to Mean Curvature Flow from Minimal Surfaces, arXiv:1904.08439, submitted. (joint with Alexander Mramor)
  2. Nonconvex Surfaces which Flow to Round Points, arXiv:1901.02863, submitted. (joint with Alexander Mramor)
  3. Warped Tori with Almost Non-Negative Scalar Curvature, arXiv:1804.04581, Geometriae Dedicata, 1-19 (2018).
    (joint with Brian Allen, Lisandra Hernandez-Vazquez, Davide Parise, and Shengwen Wang) [article]

Selected Unpublished Work

  1. Evolution Equations and Breathers for Symplectic Curvature Flow, undergraduate thesis, adviser: Gang Tian, May 2016, pdf.
  2. Generalized Jet Spaces and Spectral Synthesis, adviser: Charles Fefferman, May 2015, pdf.