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Research Interests

The interplay between mathematics and biology has always interested me. I believe that using good mathematical models we can capture, describe and eventually better understand biological phenomena.

Biologically I am interested in
            • Cell migration, e.g. keratocyte movement
            • Muscle development, in particular with regards to myonuclear movement and size control
            • The cytoskeleton, particularly actin networks and the interplay accessory molecules like myosin or cofilin
            • Collective motion and pattern formation in e.g. myxobacteria
Mathematically I am interested in
            • Kinetic transport equations
            • Non-linear PDEs and ODEs in general
            • The Micro-Macro passage from particle-based to macroscopic models
            • Boltzmann type equations
            • Numerical simulations (FE-Method)

Currently I am working on three projects
  • Myxobacteria - Onset of patterns, kinetic models, collective behaviour, non-linear PDEs, wave formation
  • Myonuclear Positioning - How are nuclei positioned in developing muscle cells, how is their size controlled, the Myonuclear Domain Hypothesis
  • Lamellipodia - Actin driven cell movement, variational methods, non-linear PDEs