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Short CV
I studied Mathematics until the Diplom (Masters degree) and Molecular Biology until the Bachelors Degree and finished both studies in 2011 at the University of Vienna. I finished my Phd in 2015 with the group of Christian Schmeiser at the University of Vienna. Since April 2016 I work as a Post-doc with Alex Mogilner at the Courant Institute at the New York University.

Upcoming Talks/Travels

Dec 2017: SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations, Baltimore, USA
Jun 2018: Nordita Program: Generation and Control of Forces in Cells, Stockholm, Sweden
2019: CMO workshop: Kinetic equations: recent developments and novel applications, Oaxaca, Mexico

Past Talks/Travels

Sept 2017: INdAM Meeting "Mathematical Physics of Living Systems", Cortona, Italy
Aug 2017: Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science (AMMCS) International Conference, Waterloo, Canada
May 2017: American Mathematical Society (AMS) Sectional Meeting, New York, USA
Oct 2016: EMBO Course: Modeling Cellular Processes in Space and Time, Porquerolles, France
Aug 2015: International Conference of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM), Beijing
Sept 2014: Workshop on "Mathematical Modelling in Biology and Physiology", Vienna, Austria
June 2014: "European Conference of Mathematical and Theorical Biology" (ECMTB), Göteborg, Sweden
Jan 2014: Workshop "Mathematical Modelling in Biology", Graz, Austria
Jan 2013: SciComp2013 "Software Frameworks for Challanging Computational Problems", Crete, Greece
Sept 2011: ICMS Workshop "Non-linear PDEs arising in Mathematical Biology", Edinburgh, Scotland