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Welcome to my webspace. I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Center for Atmosphere Ocean Sciences, at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU. My advisor is Edwin Gerber. I study Stratospheric Dynamics and Tracer Transport in General Circulation Models.

My email : agupta [at] cims [dot] nyu [dot] edu


Connecting Stratospheric Circulation in models and Leaky Pipe model for tracer transport

Reducing tracer transport biases due to numerics among atmospheric dynamical cores & tracer based measurements, and creating tracer transport benchmarks for atmospheric dynamical cores. Connecting Theory, Models and Observations.

Isentropic Circulation in GCMs

Summer 2016 : Techniques in Dry Isentropic Analysis of Global Circulation in GCMs. Assesing a set of techniques to compute mass transport and TEM in a generalized(Isentropic and Age-based) coordinate system.

Effect of Idealised volcanic forcing on the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream

Summer 2015 : Studying the shift in Northern Jet stream and its effect on European winters in response to an idealised volcanic heating in the tropical stratosphere.

Publications & Conferences

My short CV


  1. Aman Gupta, Edwin Gerber and Olivier Pauluis, “Understanding how model numerics bias tracer transport: Insight from the age of air in idealized GCMs”, 21st Conference on Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics 19th Conference on Middle Atmosphere, Portland, OR 2017

  2. Yuting Chen, Samis Trevezas, Aman Gupta and Paul-Henry Cournede, “Some sequential Monte Carlo techniques for data assimilation in a plant growth model”, accepted & presented by co-author in 15th Applied Stochastic Models & Data Analysis(ASMDA), Spain 2013

  3. Aman Gupta, V Senthilkumar, “Pseudospectral methods : Nanoscale Effect of vibration of Carbon Nanotubes with elastic medium using Pseudospectral Methods and Chebyshev grid interpolation”, accepted in Computational Mathematics, Computational Geometry & Statistics(CMCGS), Singapore 2013

  4. V Senthilkumar, Aman Gupta. “Pseudospectral Methods : Stability Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes using Pseudospectral Methods”, accepted & presented by co-author in National Conference on frontiers in Analysis and Differential Equations(NCFADE), India 2012

Seminar Talks

  1. 6th Oct '17 : Age of Air : Theory and Modeling - Courant Institute - a pedagodical talk aimed at discussing the theory of age(spectrum), its relation to transport processes and its simulation in atmospheric dynamical cores.
  2. 4th Apr '17 : Relating Stratospheric Circulation in GCMs with Leaky Pipe model of Stratospheric Transport - Courant Institute - Using the Leaky pipe model to study the Steady State behaviour of age in GCMs to quantify mixing and tropical-midlatitude tracer differences in GCMs.
  3. 25th Mar '16 : Stratospheric Circulation and tracer transport - Courant Institute. The big picture discussing the stratospheric dynamics, prediction of Brewer-Dobson Circulation intensification in GCMs, Age of Air from GCMs and transport metrics to detect and resolve model biases in age due to numerics.
  4. 25th Oct '15 : Stratospheric transport of tracers and age of air - Courant Institute. Introducing Stratospheric Age of Air as a Green's function solution to the transport equation and variation of age in various GCMs.

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