All systems related announcements of both a critical and non-critical nature are posted here. This includes disruptions of network connectivity, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of servers, changes in resources and services, upgrades to software and the availability of new software.

NYU-NET Should Be Back UP


Earlier this morning NYU experienced a network outage. The message we received is below. For network information, the most updated information can be gotten at:
or by calling NYU IT at 212-998-3333.

Please be advised that all services on NYU's network (NYU-NET) are currently unavailable at some locations due to a partial network outage. NYU IT is investigating this issue and will post updates to the IT Service Status page and the appropriate notification lists as they become available. 

Thank you for your cooperation and patience, and our apologies for the inconvenience this causes. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk (

Compute Server Memory Upgrades

2017/11/15 12:24

Compute servers crackle1, crackle2, crackle3 and crackle4 have been upgraded from 16 to 64 GB of memory. We'll be similarly upgrading crackle5 in the near future.