Windows Support

Mapping a Drive

Your "Z:" drive containing the files in your Windows "home" directory will be automatically mapped for you when you log on.

This page is for CIMS administrators and faculty who are members of "groups" only. If you are an administrator, your supervisor must send a request via email to in order to request that a user be added to a group or that a new group be created. If you are a faculty member, please send email to to request a group or access to a group directory.

Instructions to map a drive to a group folder

  1. Open My Computer and select Tools
  2. Select Map a network drive
  3. Select the drive letter for the group drive. (Note: We have standardized H: to be the first group folder drive.)
  4. Enter the name of the folder (i.e. the directory and sub-directory names) that you have received from us. Be sure to put the entire path name in capital letters. If you are not sure of your group folder name, send email to
  5. Select Reconnect at logon
  6. Select Finish

A window should open with your new folder. If it does not work, re-boot the PC and try again.

To access this folder in the future, double-click on My Computer. There you will see drive H: (or the drive letter that you have designated) along with the group folder name.

Please send email to with any questions or requests.