CIMS Network Calendar Program

Welcome to the CIMS Calendar!

You can get to the calendar at

Questions, problems, or to request your own calendar? Please send email to

Getting Started:

The opening page of the calendar displays a list of the calendars available for viewing only of the public classrooms and conference rooms.

To work on your own calendar, you must login and then select your own calendar.

Many of the tools you would use are at the bottom of the calendar page.

The Display options are at the bottom of the page. Block calendars are set up in traditional rows, with 7 days on each row. The List calendar lists all of the days in order. The Condensed calendar lists only days that contain events.

You can opt to see your calendar by year, month, or week. To view a specific day, click on the link for that specific date.

The Navigation Bar is designed to help you move through your calendar as follows: the Absolute toolbar allows you to select a specific week, month, or year while the Relative toolbar allows you to scan to future or previous events by a number of weeks or months (e.g. two weeks in the future or 6 months ago).

For any given calendar, there are a number of search options available using text and event types. The Settings option allows you to change the colors, header & footer, and other aspects of your own calendar. Nobody other than the administrator for a given calendar may change any of the settings or any of the events!

To edit events, click on the link for the date you wish to work on.

For a new event, enter a text description of the meeting and the start and end times. You may also select a category. The categories default to meeting, classes, lecture but you may add additional categories in the Settings menu.

The Pop-up window may contain either a URL or a further description of the event. Click on create event if you have finished. For additional information about the event, continue scrolling down the page to set up the appropriate information for repeating events (such as a class or a weekly meeting) and to set up email reminders.

Click create event when you have finished. You can edit the information for this event by returning to the page for the correct date and then selecting the event that you wish to edit or delete.

Note: The calendar is written by Brown Bear Software and their help pages are located at