When you first sit at one of the Sun workstations at the NYU Labs, you are greeted with a login request. At anytime during your login there are a few options which you may choose. To specify which interface you would like to work with, go to Options, then Sessions. You must do this each time you log in, or the system will choose the session last used.

Most begining users find the CDE( Common Desktop Environment ) a little more user friendly than the Open Windows Environment, though both offer similar features. The icons at the bottom of the screen provide many familiar functions equivelent to their Mac or Windows counterparts. From here you can access file managers, print managers, terminals, the Internet, etc. Right-clicking on the screen, then, also provides access to these functions, and a list of applications available.


Opening a host will then give you the command line interface to the Sun operating system. This system is UNIX based, so you will need to know some Unix commands to navigate the system. Check out our useful Unix commands page, or the Internet for more information.


All the workstations at NYU, and many of the computers at various labs around campus, are equipped with compilers for various languages. For example, Gnu, etc.

There are also a number of programs available on the systems. For a list of installed software visit see the software overiew.

If you wish to install software that is not available you can install software in your home directory or submit a request to helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu.

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