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Samba Mounting

How can I samba mount my CIMS home directory in Linux?

It's simple. First, create a directory in /mnt to act as your mount point. ie.

mkdir /mnt/myhome

Next, samba mount your home directory like so (typed all on one line):

mount -t cifs -o domain=CIMSSAM,username=[YOUR USER NAME] //sam.cims.nyu.edu/[YOUR USER NAME] /mnt/myhome

Of course, you must substitute your user name for [YOUR USER NAME]. Now, you should be able to access your CIMS home directory via the mount point you created. To unmount the directory, type:

umount /mnt/myhome

I'm one of those paranoid types. Is it possible to ssh tunnel my samba mount?

Sure it is. The following lines on a shell should have the desired result.

ssh -f -N -L 9900:sam.cims.nyu.edu:139 myname@access.cims.nyu.edu

mount -t cifs -o domain=CIMSSAM,username=myname,port=9900 //localhost/myname /local.mount.point

The second command needs to be run as root (via sudo or otherwise). You will be prompted for a password, which is your CIMS password. Of course you have to replace myname with your CIMS username, local.mount.point with your local Linux mount point. You can also choose to use a local port other than 9900.