Speeding Up MATLAB Applications

Thursday, November 17

8:50 am -  10:50 am

New York University

Warren Weaver Hall, Room 102

Presenter: Brett Shoelson, Principal Application Engineer


This seminar will review a few of the products included in the New York University
campus wide License of MATLAB and various Toolboxes.
Specifically, we will discuss and demonstrate simple ways to improve and optimize
your code that can boost execution speed by orders of magnitude.  We will also
address common pitfalls in writing m-code, explore the use of the MATLAB Profiler to
find bottlenecks, and briefly introduce our Parallel Computing Toolbox and
Distributed Computing Server to solve computationally and data-intensive problems on
multicore computers and clusters.

Highlights include:
*             Understand memory usage and vectorization in MATLAB
*             Address bottlenecks in your programs
*             Optimize file I/O to streamline your code
*             Transition from serial to parallel MATLAB programs