Over the rest of the summer CIMS systems group will be upgrading all of our Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems from version 5.x to 6.x.  We will not need physical access to your machine unless something goes awry.  All upgrades will be done remotely.  In addition all your data in your /home, /data, /scratch(*) directories in addtion to cronjobs will remain unmodified.

 * - Scratch data will be relocated off the local machine.  You will receive and email with the contents new location if you have any scratch data stored.
The upgrades will be a four phase process starting this week.  Each phase is expected to last about a week or two.  The phases will be:
  Phase 1: Partial lab roll out and new servers
  Phase 2: Remainder lab roll out and unattended desktops
  Phase 3: Remainder desktop machines
  Phase 4: Compute servers
We urge people to test any packages that are critical to their work and let us know if they encounter any problems as early as possible.  The first system you can start testing your software on is crunchy4.cims.nyu.edu.  Please contact helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu with any questions.