On Thursday night (01/10/2008), we will be running software updates on all linux machines. The systems will NOT be rebooted as part of the process. The updates have already been made on several linux machines in the computer labs. The computers in WWH502 (i386 machines) and WWH624 (x86_64 machines) are available for testing. We urge people to test any packages that are critical to their work and let us know if they encounter any problems.

  • WWH502: pubbox1.cims.nyu.edu (i386)
  • WWH502: pubbox3.cims.nyu.edu (i386)
  • WWH502: pubbox22.cims.nyu.edu (i386)
  • WWH624: pubbox18.cims.nyu.edu (x86_64)
  • WWH624: pubbox20.cims.nyu.edu (x86_64)
  • WWH624: pubbox23.cims.nyu.edu (x86_64)


Some significant linux updates include (but are not limitted to):

  • kernel (activated on next reboot after updates)
  • Intel Software Development Suite (available for use in /opt/intel)
  • mesa (may require reboot for updated video drivers)
  • emacs
  • gcc
  • glibc
  • gtk2
  • libstdc++
  • libgfortran
  • tetex

A full list of software updates for linux and solaris is available on the update page.