Shutdown of fileservers begins around 5 pm on Friday, June 21, and all systems should be down by 6 pm. At this point CIMS Windows and Linux desktop computers will be unusable for the duration of the outage.

Depending on how work progresses and how quickly network services to CIMS servers can be restored, the outage should last until some time between late afternoon and the evening of Saturday, June 22.

We strongly urge users to take this time off from their CIMS computer accounts and plan to work offline if at all by copying needed files to alternative systems. However, we plan to make some services available as best as we can during the outage. What follows is subject to change, so please refer to it again.

Services that will be available during the outage:

Wired and wireless networking throughout Warren Weaver Hall should remain available, so people should be able to use personal desktops and laptops in their offices.

Networking and non-CIMS systems in 715/19 Broadway should be unaffected. We will run temporary services on systems housed in that building as follows.

Access to user files:

After 5 pm on Friday, 6/21, users will be able to login to  access.cims.nyu.edu and have read-only access to a backup copy of their home directory. Because this copy is from a nightly backup, it will only reflect changs made through early on Friday. If you make changes  on Friday that you want to keep working on through the outage, you should copy those files to a personal computer before the outage (after the outage your files on the "real" systems will be back to their pre-outage state). We advise people to user an scp client to copy files to personal machines. Files under user data directories (ie, /data) will not be available.

If you login to access.cims.nyu.edu using an ssh client you may get error messages because the directory is not writeable, but it should work nonetheless.

Web Services:

We will continue to maintain our web presence using static content on all CIMS, departmental and related web sites. This too will be read-only, so dynamic content, cannot be updated. Also, changes made in the last day before the outages may not appear on these temporary web sites.

CIMS Email accessible on webmail.cims.nyu.edu:

The CIMS mail system will be shut down around 5 pm, and will remain unavilable for up to an hour while we bring it up on a backup server. CIMS Mail will only be accessible by logging into webmail.cims.nyu.edu. We cannot allow imap or connections due to the unpredictabitiy  of the various imap clients and the devices on which they may run. That is, we do not want to risk mail on these clients to get out of sync during the outage with the possibility they can't fix themselves through normal operation.

  • New mail will reside in your INBOX
  • A read-only copy of your inbox as it existed on Thursday evening will be listed as INBOX-ReadOnly. Like with the home directories, this is actually a backup copy run over night.
  • Mail from Thursday evening through the shutdown will appear as a folder called INBOX-0621. This is all email that will have come in over the course of the day on Friday up until the shutdown, so it is basically for redundancy.
  • Read-only versions of your regular mail folders should be accessible by their familiar names listed below the temporary writeable "INBOX files."