Recently there have been numerous file server outages that have caused widespread system disruptions throughout Courant.  The disruptions tend to result in inability to log-on or a system becomes unresponsive for an extended amount of time.  Sometimes there are residual affects until you logout and back in again.  We want to assure everyone that we are working furiously on the problem.  We have been in communication with Oracle about the problem for several days and their engineering group is assisting with determining a solution.  We have been acquiring significant ammounts of diagnostic information during each of the outages and have been able to narrowed down the cause of the problem.  We are currently taking steps to try and prevent it in the future.  We are also in the process of building out an alternative infastructure that we hope will circumvent the issue entirely.  In addition, we would like to assure everyone that their data is completely intact and this issue does not compromise the integrity of data stored on the systems.

We apologize for the disruptions and hope to have this problem worked out as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please email