October 27, 2010

Security and software updates are being pushed out to the CIMS Linux machines (desktop as well as compute nodes).  Many of the security updates have been already applied, but the machines will need to be rebooted for it to take effect.  Compute nodes as well as desktop machines (to avoid a reboot on Thursday either notify helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu or reboot your desktop yourself sometime between Monday and Thursday) WILL BE REBOOTED in the wee hours of the night between 10pm and 5am to complete software updates. In an effort to try and minimize any corrupted files or lost work, please save all your data and logout of any linux systems when you leave for the night. The updates have already been made on several linux machines in the computer lab located in WWH229. We urge people to test any packages that are critical to their work and let us know if they encounter any problems before the updates occur. The machines that have been updated are:

  • WWH229: pubbox1.cims.nyu.edu
    WWH229: pubbox10.cims.nyu.edu
    WWH229: pubbox16.cims.nyu.edu
    WWH229: pubbox26.cims.nyu.edu
    WWH229: pubbox33.cims.nyu.edu
    WWH229: pubbox34.cims.nyu.edu
    WWH229: pubbox41.cims.nyu.edu
    WWH229: pubbox45.cims.nyu.edu
    WWH229: pubbox46.cims.nyu.edu

Some significant software updates include (but are not limitted to):

  • linux kernel (automatic REBOOT)
  • Matlab (test by runing 'matlab-next')
    Intel Compiler (test using the software in /opt/intel/compiler/next)
  • Enthought Python Distribution (test using the software in /usr/local/pkg/epd/next)

A full list of all software updates for linux and solaris is available on the update page.