On Monday (02/01/2010) the CIMS Linux machines (desktop, compute nodes, and remote access servers) will have software updates applied during the day and evening.

The Linux machines will be rebooted as part of the process late that night.  To avoid loss of data, please logout of any Linux systems for the night.  We urge people to test any packages that are critical to their work and let us know if they encounter any problems before the updates occur. The the updates have already been made on several Linux machines in the computer labs.

This is short notice and ahead of our scheduled updates due to heightened security risks.  If you are running long/critical jobs on compute/desktop computers that can't be disrupted please email helpdesk@cims.nyu.edu to discuss options for a possible postponement.

The machines that have already been updated are:

  • WWH229: pubbox1.cims.nyu.edu
  • WWH229: pubbox10.cims.nyu.edu
  • WWH229: pubbox16.cims.nyu.edu
  • WWH229: pubbox26.cims.nyu.edu
  • WWH229: pubbox33.cims.nyu.edu
  • WWH229: pubbox34.cims.nyu.edu
  • WWH229: pubbox41.cims.nyu.edu
  • WWH229: pubbox45.cims.nyu.edu
  • WWH229: pubbox46.cims.nyu.edu

Some significant software updates include (but are not limitted to):

  • Linux Kernel (automatic REBOOT)
  • gcc
  • libstdc++
  • libgfortran
  • libgcc
  • firefox

A full list of all software updates for Linux and Solaris is available on the software updates page.