On Friday, March 21, 2008, electrical work being done in the CIMS server room will require shutting down a number of computing resources for approximately 60-90 minutes, beginning around 8 am. We have arranged for alternative power sources to be temporarily installed to minimize the disruption to file, mail and web access. However, some or all of the systems providing these critical services will need to be rebooted at the beginning of the process. Thus access.cims.nyu.edu, smtp.cims.nyu.edu, smtp.cs.nyu.edu, imap.cims.nyu.edu, the samba server (which serves the CIMSSAM Windows domain), and the CIMS, CS, and Math webservers will be unavailable for 5-15 minutes around 8am. At the end of the work, access.cims.nyu.edu and the smtp servers will be rebooted again, a process that should take just a few minutes.


Desktop machines in offices and labs should be unaffected.

The following general access and private computing servers will be down for the entire time the electrical work is being done (approximately 8 am to 9:30 am):

  • crunchy1,crunchy2,crunchy3,crunchy4,crunchy5,crunchy6
  • linserv1,linserv2,linserv3,mauler,brawler,subversive
  • energon1,energon2,energon3,energon4
  • int1,int2,int3,int4
  • the euler cluster
  • mfdd8,mfdd7,visual,s1
  • the pyramid cluster, sphinx
  • the sejong cluster
  • the ensemble cluster


On Wednesday, March 19th, around 7 pm, the CIMSSAM Domain Controller and samba server will be rebooted with samba and OS updates. Access to CIMS Windows machines on the CIMSSAM Domain will be unavailable for a few minutes while the system is rebooting. If you have problems with a Windows machine after the reboot, please logout and log back in. If this fails, restart the machine, then login.