Student Poster Presentations

An event to celebrate Courant Institute's 75th anniversary

May 7th 2011, 12:30-1:30pm 

 13th Floor Lounge, WWH

Selected Courant undergraduate and graduate students will be presenting posters of their research undertaken here at the Courant Institute. All Courant community and visitors here are welcome to attend and view the posters. Lunch and refreshments will be served.

A Courant faculty commitee will select three winner posters for which prizes will be given.


The three best research posters will receive an Apple iPad each.

 All presenters will receive a Courant t-shirt.

Presenters and Poster Titles

Title and Abstracts of the Poster Presentation

Peter Bella , Math PhD student
Title: Metric-induced wrinkling of an elastic thin film

Katarina Bellova, Math PhD student
Title: Nodal Sets of Stekloff Eigenfunctions

David Broun, COB PhD student,
Title: Topological specificity in cytokine response coding

Evan Chou, Math PhD student
Title: A Multiscale Approach to Digital Halftoning

Naftali Cohen, CAOS PhD student
Title: A Modeling Framework to Study Interaction between Resolved and Parameterized Waves

Benoit Corda, COB PhD student
Title: Object detection, image segmentation and scenes parsing using convolutional network

Edoardo Corona, Math PhD student
Title: Inextensible vesicle evolution in the presence of smooth boundaries

Piriyadharshini Devendran, Math PhD student
Title: An Immersed Boundary Energy-Based Method for Incompressible Viscoelasticity

Thomas Fai, Math PhD student
Title: An FFT-based Immersed Boundary Method for Variable Viscosity and Density Fluids

Paul Gazzillo, CS PhD student
Title: Syntactic Foundations for Refactoring C Or: How to Tame the C Preprocessor

Maria Gehne, CAOS PhD student
Title: Spectral analysis of tropical atmospheric dynamical variables using a linear shallow water modal decomposition

Carl Gladish, CAOS PhD student
Title: Modeling the mechanics and thermodynamics of ice shelves in warm oceans

Sara Grundel, Math PhD student
Title: A rational subdivision sphere

Steven Heilman, Math PhD student
Title: An analysis of the critical points of the propeller problem

An-Sheng Jhang, Math PhD student
Title: Growing Suspensions

Kenneth Ho, COB PhD student
Title: Fast Direct solvers by multilevel matrix compression

Angjoo Kim, CS undergraduate student
Title: Automated detection of diabetic retinopathy using an artificial neural network

Samantha Lozada, Math undergraduate student
Title: Glucose Regulation in Diabetes

Enkeleida Lushi, Math PhD student
Title: Chemotaxis effects in supsensions of micro-swimmers: modeling, analysis and computations

Andrew Matteson, COB PhD student
Title: Model Merging and Parameter Identification of EGFR and c-MET Signaling Cascades

Sandra May , Math PhD student
Title: Two-dimensional slope limiting for embedded boundary grids

Giuseppe Narzisi, CS PhD Student
Title: Scoring-and-Unfolding Trimmed Tree Assembler: Algorithms for Assembling Genome Sequences Accurately and EÔ¨Éciently

Andras Pataki, Math PhD student
Title: High order methods for computing axisymmetric plasma equilibria

Rebeca Salas-boni, Math PhD student
Title: Principal components: a descent algorithm

Pierre Sermanet, CS PhD student
Title: Traffic Signs and Pedestrians Vision with Multi-Scale Convolutional Networks

Gulseher Sarah Sirin , COB PhD student
Title: The Aging Mechanism of Soman inhibited Acetylcholinesterase

Adam Stinchcombe , Math PhD student, AML
Title: Recoil Locomotion on Sea and on Land

Ang Sun, CS PhD student
Title: Semi-supervised Semantic Pattern Discovery with Guidance from Unsupervised
Pattern Clusters

Li XiChen, CAOS PhD student
Title: What will happen if the Solar Radiation reduces by 1/4: Preliminary investigations of the faint young sun paradox using Community Climate System Model.



Enkeleida Lushi (lushi [at]

 Robert Soulé (soule [at]

Selection Committee

 Benjamin Goldberg

Sourav Chatterjee

Esteban Tabak

Rob Fergus


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