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xrn (version 9.02)

XRN is a program for reading News via NNTP on a UNIX machine which supports the X Window System.

Notable features of XRN include: As of XRN version 9.00, article threading is supported. XRN warns the user when he is composing a followup which will be posted to multiple newsgroups (i.e., cross-posted). Furthermore, when the user submits an article for posting, XRN warns the user if his article will be posted in an excessive number of newsgroups, and asks if he wants to re-edit the article to post to fewer groups. Finally, the person who installs XRN at a site may configure it to completely prohibit postings to more than a specified number of newsgroups. XRN has numerous features for utilizing bandwidth more efficiently when communicating with the server over a slow network, e.g., over a SLIP or PPP connection. XRN supports NNTP authentication, including traditional user-name/password authentication and "AUTHINFO GENERIC" authentication. If you need to specify a user-name and password to connect to your NNTP server, XRN will probably do what you need. XRN's interface is highly configurable -- all XRN commands can be accessed through either buttons or key bindings, and you can control exactly which buttons are visible and the order in which they appear. Furthermore, since XRN uses the standard Xt mechanism for defining key bindings, you can redefine any of the key bindings to suit your personal preferences. XRN supports newsgroup-specific signature files, hierarchy-specific signature files, executable signature files (i.e., XRN will run your signature file as a program and use the program's output as your message signature), and any combination of these. XRN does extensive pre-fetching while you are reading News, so that when you're ready to move on, what you're going to see next usually has already been retrieved from the server. XRN can scan for new articles in the background while you are reading News, so you don't have to wait for it to check for new articles in all groups before you can read any of them. XRN has support for multi-lingual messages, button labels, etc. Currently, German and French supported; other languages can be added easily.