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libwmf (version

Libwmf is a library for reading vector images in Microsoft's native Windows Metafile Format (WMF) and for either (a) displaying them in, e.g., an X window; or (b) converting them to more standard/open file formats such as, e.g., the W3C's XML-based Scaleable Vector Graphic (SVG) format. Currently bindings exist for conversion to:

the following vector image formats: (& Encapsulated) PostScript (EPS & PS) Facility for Interactive Generation of graphics (FIG) Scaleable Vector Graphic (SVG)

the following raster image formats: Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

libwmf is officially alpha quality code, and is likely to stay that way, but is already usable and the Application Programming Interface (API) is approaching stability.

It is released under the GNU Lesser (Library) Public License (LGPL) which means that linking against the shared library is unrestricted. Note, however, that if/when the module system is implemented, certain modules may be available under different licenses - please refer to the module in question for licensing restrictions, if any.

Some simple utilities are included in the libwmf distribution for converting WMF files to the various output formats supported, the main intended use of the library is as a graphics import filter for word processors (release libwmf-0.2.0 is supported by release wv-0.6.5; wv is libwmf's sister project) and imaging applications (libwmf-0.2.2 and later are currently supported by ImageMagick; also, support for libwmf-0.2.* has been added into sodipodi). Already AbiWord uses wv as an import filter for MSWord documents (which often contain WMF images), and the grand plan is for AbiWord to use libwmf to convert WMF images to SVG.