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NetBeans (version 3.4.1)

The NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE) is organized to give you easy access to all of the tools you need to develop your projects, with syntax highlighting for Java, XML, HTML, CSS, JSP, IDL. The IDE is divided into four workspaces, each of which you use to perform a related set of tasks. The IDE workspaces are:

Editing - Where you organize your files and work with source code. The Explorer lets you organize and work with all of your directories, packages, and source files. You can use the Properties window to view and change the characteristics of any selected object in the IDE.

GUI Editing - Where you design and develop graphical user interfaces. The Form Editor lets you set a layout manager for forms, then add beans and components, set their properties, and manage their events.

Debugging - Lets you set breakpoints and watches, step through code, examine and modify variables, examine classes and the callstack, follow threads, and run multiple sessions.

Running - Displays all running programs as well as their output.