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3270 (4.1) IBM 3270 terminal emulator
a2ps (4.13b) Highly customizable ascii file printer
acroread (7.01) PDF file viewer
Afterstep (2.00beta3) Window manager for the Unix X window system
antiword (0.36.1) Converts MS-Word files to ASCII text or Postscript
asclock Another clock program
audiofile (0.2.6) Audio server
autoconf (2.59) Generates configuration scripts
automake (1.9.5) A Makefile generator
bash (3.0) Shell; extends sh
Berkeley DB (4.3.28) Database library
bison (2.0) GNU version of YACC; a general-purpose parser generator
compface Converts 48x48x1 images to and from a compressed format
cvs (1.12.12) Version control system
ddd (3.3.11) Graphical interface to gdb
diction (1.02) Print wordy and commonly misused phrases in sentences
dos2unix DOS to Unix text file converter
doxygen (1.4.6) JavaDoc like documentation system for C++, C, Java and IDL.
DrScheme (301) Scheme interpreter
ElectricFence (2.1) Debugs program that overruns or under-runs a malloc() buffer
emacs (21.4a) GNU Editor
Enlightenment (0.16.6) Window manager
esound (0.2.34) Enlightened Sound Daemon
expat (1.95.8) XML Parsing library; includes `xmlwf', which determines if an XML document is well-formed
expect (5.43) Programmed dialogue with interactive programs
file Determine file type
flex (2.5.4a) GNU version of lex
fvwm2 (2.4.18) Window manager
fvwm95 (2.0.43d) Window manager with a Windows95 look
gawk (3.1.2) Pattern scanning and processing language
gc Conservative garbage collection library for C/C++
gcc (4.0.2) GNU C/C++/F77/Java compiler
gdb (6.2.1) GNU Debugger
gdbm (1.8.3) GNU database manager
ghc (6.4.1) Glasgow Haskell Compiler
Ghostscript (8.50) PostScript and PDF language interpreter and previewer
gimp (1.2.5) GNU Image Manipulation Program
gmp (4.1.4) Math library
GnuPG (1.4.1) Encryption and signing tool
Gnuplot (4.0.0) Interactive plotting program
gprolog (1.2.16) GNU Prolog compiler with constraint solving over finite domains
grace (5.1.18) Makes two-dimensional plots of scientific data
GrADS (1.9b4) Interactive desktop tool for easy access, manipulation, and visualization of earth science data
Graphviz (2.6) Open source graph drawing software
grep (2.5.1a) Prints lines matching a pattern
grepmail (5.3032) Searches mailboxes for a particular email
groff (1.19.1) GNU implementation of troff
guile (1.6.7) Project GNU's extension language
gv (3.6.0) Postscript file viewer
icewm (1.2.6) Window manager for the X windows system
ifinger CIMS person/account locator
ImageMagick (6.2.5-5) commandline utilities to create, edit, and convert images
indent (2.2.9) Changes the appearance of a C program by inserting or deleting whitespace
j-ftp (1.35) Cross-platform graphical FTP client
jasper (1.701.0) software-based implementation of the codec specified in the emerging JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard (i.e., ISO/IEC 15444-1)
latex2html Converts LaTex documents to html
ledit (1.11)
less (382) Text file viewer
lftp (3.2.1) FTP client
libao (0.8.6) Audio output library
libiconv (1.9.2) Convert between character encodings
libpng (1.2.8) Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Reference Library
LibStroke (0.5.1) Library to help translate mouse 'gestures' into actions
libtool (1.5.20) Generic library support script
libwmf ( To convert Windows WMF files
lynx (2.8.5) Text-mode Web viewer
make (3.80) GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
man2html (3.0.1) Converts manpages to HTML
mc (4.6.1) GNU Midnight Commander file manager
most (4.10.2) Text file viewer (like less)
mozilla (1.7.11) Web browser
mpg123 (0.59r) Plays audio MPEG 1.0/2.0 file (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpich (1.2.5) Portable implementation of MPI
mtools (3.9.10) Utilities to access DOS disks in Unix
mutt ( Mail reader
mysql (4.1.15) SQL database server
ncftp (3.1.2) FTP client
NetBeans (3.4.1) IDE for Java, C, C++, XML, HTML, CSS, JSP,etc.
netbiff (0.9.18) Mail notification utility
netpbm (10.26.12) Toolkit for manipulation of graphic images
nn (6.5.3) Newsreader
ocaml (3.09.0) Functional programming language
OpenOffice (1.0.2) Office suite
OpenSSL (0.9.8) Cryptography library
Opera (5.0-b1) Web browser
par (152) Paragraph-reformatting filter
perl (5.8.7) Scripting language
pgp (6.5.8) Pretty Good Privacy encryption
pine (4.63) Mail viewer
plotutils (2.4.1) GNU plot utilities
pmq (0.1.4) Reports the installed version of Perl modules
procmail (3.22) Mail filtering utility
pstree (2.17) Displays the ps listing as a tree
Python (2.4.2) Interpreted scripting language (somewhat like Perl)
rename (1.4) Powerful file renamer
rs ( Scheme interpreter
rsync (2.6.6) Faster, flexible replacement for rcp
sed (4.1.4) GNU implementation of the Unix stream editor
slang (2.0.4) Multi-platform programmer's library
slrn ( Newsreader
smlnj (110.54) SML compiler
tcl (8.4.11) Tool command language
tcsh (6.11.00) Shell; enhancement of csh
Template-Toolkit (2.10) Perl module: extensible template processing
teTeX (3.0) Text formatting and typesetting
tk (8.4.11) GUI toolkit
tkdiff (3.09) Graphical front-end to diff
tkinfo (3.5) Graphical info documentation viewer
trn (3.6) Newsreader
Unison (2.13.16) File-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows
units (1.85) Unit conversion program
unix2dos Unix to DOS text file converter
unzip (5.42) File decompressor
uudeview (0.5.20) A powerful decoder for binary files
vera (1.9) List of acronyms used in the field of computing
vim (6.3) Editor
vtwm (5.4.6a) Window manager
wget (1.10) URL fetcher
which (2.16) Shows the full path of shell commands
wmaker (0.80.2) Emulation of the NextStep window manager, with improvements
wmplayer (6.3) Windows Media Player
wv (1.0.0) Microsoft Word document utilities
xdiff (3.4) X11/Motif based file comparator and merge tool
xemacs (21.1.14) The other GNU editor
xfig (3.2.4) Facility for Interactive Generation of figures under X11
xmms (1.2.10) CD player
xpaint (2.5.5) Color image editing tool
xpdf (3.0) Pdf viewer
xrn (9.02) Graphical newsreader
xv (3.10a) Displays images in the GIF, JPEG, etc. formats
xxdiff (3.0.4) Graphical front-end to diff
yafc (1.1) Yet another FTP client
zip (2.3) File compressor
zlib (1.2.3) Compression library
zsh (4.2.5) Shell