Spring 2009 Schedule

Feb 6, 2009:

Christel Hohenegger
Complex fluids: viscoelastic response to thermal fluctuations and stability of active suspensions

Feb 20, 2009:

Aaditya Rangan
A brief introduction to computational neuroscience -- neuronal network modeling

Feb 27, 2008:

Mikael Rechtsman
Upper bounds on photonic bandgaps

March 6, 2009:

Oliver Buhler
Mathematical Problems in Atmosphere Ocean Fluid Dynamics

March 27, 2009:

Amy Novick-Cohen
Coupled surface diffusion and motion by mean curvature

April 3, 2009:

Shane Keating
Diascalar diffusion: mixing and transport in a tracer-based coordinate system

April 10, 2009:

Michael Damron
A non-Markovian model of rill erosion

May 1, 2009:

Shane Keating
Vorticity homogenization and the Prandtl-Batchelor theorem

May 8, 2009:

Hantaek Bae
Inviscid limit for damped and driven incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in $R^{2}$

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