Spring 2007 Schedule

February 09, 2007:

S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan
Entropy, Large Deviations and Small Probabilities

February 23, 2007:

Louis Nirenberg
The Maximum Principle, the Hopf Lemma, and a Geometric Problem

March 02, 2007:

Slava Kargin
Free Probability Theory

March 23, 2007:

Akshay Venkatesh
Sieves in Number Theory

March 30, 2007:

Pilwha Lee
On Fluid-Solute-Structure Interaction

April 06, 2007:

Yakov Kerzhner
Effective Analytic Continuation of Eisenstein Series

April 13, 2007:

Jean Taylor
From Soap Bubbles to Rotating Crystals

April 27, 2007:

Paul Wright
Advice on How to Get a Job and Graduate

May 04, 2007:

Luis Silvestre
Lower Dimensional Obstacles and Related Problems