Spring 2006 Schedule

February 17, 2006:

Robert Kohn
Energy-driven pattern formation

February 24, 2006:

Gil Ariel
Transition State Theory in a Solvable Model

March 3, 2006:

Olivier Pauluis
Convection and Climate: a Mathematical Challenge in Atmospheric Sciences

March 10, 2006:

Andrea Barreiro
Wave-Driven Vortex Dynamics in the Near-Shore Region

March 24, 2006:

Marsha Berger
Computing Fluid Flow in Complicated Geometry

April 14, 2006:

Jeff Cheeger
Calculus on Fractals

April 21, 2006:

Tyler Neylon
Linear Predictions and Occam's Razor

April 28, 2006:

Harold Weitzner
How does one make a model for turbulence in a plasma?

May 5, 2006:

Jean Steiner
Hide--and--Seek and Spectral Invariants (on Markov Chains and Surfaces )