Spring 2005 Schedule

January 28, 2005:

Sylvain Cappell
A brief introduction to topological classification of spaces and their subspaces and symmetries

February 11, 2005:

Anna-Karin Tornberg
Numerical simulation of fluid flows with dynamic interfaces and internal structures.

February 18, 2005:

Junyoep Park
Dynamic Risk Factor Model for Correlation Matrices:
From Random Matrix Theory to Econometrics

March 4, 2005:

Samuel Lisi
Hunting for Homoclinic orbits (with a geometric PDE)

March 11, 2005:

Sinan Gunturk
Mathematics of Analog-to-Digital Conversion

March 25, 2005:

Laurent Cousot
Call Options, Semi-Static Arbitrage and Markov Chain Models

April 1, 2005:

Henry McKean
KdV and All That

April 8, 2005:

Nikolaus Rajewsky
Decoding gene expression

April 22, 2005:

Joseph Biello, Christian Franzke, Rafail Abramov
Applied Mathematics for the Atmospheric Sciences

April 29, 2005:

Kevin Lin, William Ott, Paul Wright
Dynamical Systems Research Group

May 6, 2005:

Maria Calle
Ancient Solutions for Mean Curvature Flow