Spring 2004 Schedule

Feb. 6, 2004:

Arjun Raj, Laura Miller, Sam Isaacson, Yoichiro Mori, and Boyce Griffith -- introduced Prof. Charles Peskin, CIMS
Examples of Modeling and Simulation in Biology

Feb. 27, 2004:

Jose Perez, CIMS
Convergence of Numerical Schemes in the Total Variation Sense

Mar. 26, 2004:

Jean Steiner, CIMS
Determinants, traces, and 'hearing' the shape of a surface

Apr. 2, 2004:

Prof. Gerard Ben Arous, CIMS
Dynamics in Random Media

Apr. 9, 2004:

Dimitri Gioev, University of Pennsylvania and CIMS
Introduction to Random Matrix Theory

Apr. 16, 2004:

Alex Barnett, CIMS
Chaotic Billiards and Quantum Ergodicity 

Apr. 30, 2004:

Chris Wendl, CIMS
Holomorphic Curves, Foliations and Dynamics: How a PDE helps to solve an ODE problem