Fall 2008 Schedule

October 3, 2008:

Michael Burr and Felix Krahmer
Analysis of Evaluation-Based Root Isolation via Integration Bounds

October 10, 2008:

Carl Gladish
de Rham cohomology essentials

October 17, 2008:

Paul Hand
How should we model heart cells?

October 31, 2008:

Juliana Freire
The Propp Machine on Z

November 7, 2008:

No seminar due to Student Forum preparatory meeting

November 14, 2008:

Sean Li
An Asymptotic Isoperiometric Inequality

November 21, 2008:

Kela Lushi
Surfactant-laden interfaces in viscous flow

November 28, 2008:

Thanksgiving Holiday - no talk

December 5, 2008:

No seminar due to Student Forum

December 12, 2008:
Room changed to 202

Hans Shmidheiser
The Lattice Faddeev Model


Yong Yu
Static Born-Infeld theory