Fall 2006 Schedule

September 15, 2006:

Paul Garabedian
Computational Methods for Magnetic Fusion

September 22, 2006:

Joel Spencer
The Erdos-Renyi Phase Transition

September 29, 2006:

Courant Instructor Day (no seminar)

October 6, 2006:

Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (no seminar)

October 20, 2006:

Cheng Ly
Population Density Approach to Network Modeling: Fast Solvers and Firing Rate Dynamics

October 27, 2006:

Charles Peskin
The Immersed Boundary Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction

November 3, 2006:

Esteban Tabak
Mixing in Stratified Fluids

November 10, 2006:

Ping Zhang
Wigner Measure and Semiclassical Limits of Schrödinger Type Equations

December 1, 2006:

Jonathan Goodman

December 8, 2006:

Chuck Newman
The Work of Wendelin Werner: An Expanded Fields Medal Laudation from ICM 2006 in Madrid