Fall 2003 Schedule

Oct. 3, 2003:

Peter Friz, CIMS
Rough Path Theory and Applications to Stochastic Analysis

Oct. 10, 2003:

Profs. Anna-Karin Tornberg, Stephen Childress, and Michael Shelley, CIMS
Fluid Dynamics Group

Oct. 17, 2003:

Profs. Charles Newman, Lai-Sang Young, and S.R.S. Varadhan, CIMS
Probability and Dynamical Systems Group

Oct. 24, 2003:

Profs. David Holland, Richard Kleeman, and Andrew Majda, CIMS
Atmosphere-Ocean Group I

Oct. 31, 2003:

Prof.  Fedor Bogomolov, CIMS
Algebraic Curves and Algebraic Numbers

Nov. 7, 2003:

Profs. Sylvia Serfaty and Fang-Hua Lin, CIMS
PDE Group

Nov. 14, 2003:

Profs. Esteban Tabak, K. Shafer Smith, and Oliver Buhler, CIMS
Atmosphere-Ocean Group II

Nov. 21, 2003:

Profs. Yu Chen and Olof Widlund, CIMS
Numerical Analysis Group