Grad Student/Postdoc Seminar

February 20, 2009:  Adi Rangan, CIMS

A brief introduction to computational neuroscience - neuronal network modeling

 Given any region of the brain, one may ask: 'What does it do?' and
 'How does it work?'. These are generally very difficult questions, and
 no real systematic approach to these questions has been established.
 In this talk I will present a few different cases where large-scale
 computational modeling can provide insight into the underlying
 network mechanisms and functional properties of various brain
 Specifically, I will discuss recent modelling work on the mammalian
 visual cortex, the locust olfactory cortex, and the fruit fly
 olfactory cortex.
 If I have time, I will also discuss recent analytical approaches
 which are capable of addressing some of the features associated
 with the dynamics of neuronal networks.