Grad Student/Postdoc Seminar

March 6, 2009:  Oliver Buhler, CIMS

Mathematical Problems in Atmosphere Ocean Fluid Dynamics

 Atmosphere and ocean fluid dynamics covers a vast range of dynamically linked spatial and temporal scales that are involved in the overall dynamics of these huge systems, ranging from planetary-scale circulation patterns covering tens of thousands kilometres to the centimetre scale at which acoustic signals probe the ocean depth and at which viscous energy dissipation takes place in the fluid. To cover all these scales with a global numerical model is impossible, so applied mathematics plays a crucial role in the modelling and analysis of unresolved sub-grid-scale dynamics. This involves physical modelling, multi-scale methods, and stochastic representation of unresolved structures. In this talk I will give a number of fluid-dynamical examples based on small-scale waves that illustrate some of these ideas.