[Systems Critical] Linux reboots and updates

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Tue Jun 20 11:22:11 EDT 2017

   Linux reboots and updates

   Linux compute nodes and desktop machines will be rebooted on Thursday,
   June 22nd for software and security updates. This includes both RHEL 6
   and CentOS 7 systems. Updates will be applied to machines between 7:00
   pm and midnight. In an effort to try to minimize any corrupted files or
   lost data, please save all your work and log out of any Linux systems
   before 7:00 pm.

   We will also be shutting down crunchy6 down early to upgrade it to
   CentOS 7 like the other crunchy[1-5] servers. If you have any processes
   running on this host, please migrate them to [1]other servers before

   Read online at:

   NYU Courant Institute


   1. https://cims.nyu.edu/webapps/content/systems/resources/computeservers

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