[Systems Critical] Security/Software Updates (Linux reboots)

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Tue Jan 24 17:22:55 EST 2017

   Security/Software Updates (Linux reboots)

   Compute nodes and desktop machines running CentOS 7 will be rebooted
   on Thursday (January 26th).  This does not include hosts running RHEL
   6.  Updates will be applied to machines between 7:00pm and midnight. In
   an effort to try and minimize any corrupted files or lost work, please
   save all your data and logout of any Linux CentOS 7 systems before
   7:00pm. We urge people to test any packages that are critical to their
   work and let us know if they encounter any problems before the updates
   occur. A list of already updated machines will be available below this
   message, as they have been u! pdated.

   Read online at:

   NYU Courant Institute

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