[Systems Critical] Security/Software Updates (Linux reboots)

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Mon Aug 4 17:13:41 EDT 2014

   Security/Software Updates (Linux reboots)

[1]Compute nodes as well as desktop machines WILL BE REBOOTED on Monday (August
11th).  Updates will be applied to machines between 7:00pm and midnight. In an
effort to try and minimize any corrupted files or lost work, please save all
your data and logout of any Linux systems before 7:00pm. Many of the updates
have already been made on several Linux machines in the computer lab located in
WWH 229. We urge people to test any packages that are critical to their work and
let us know if they encounter any problems before the updates occur. The
machines that have been updated are:

     * pubbox49.cims.nyu.edu
     * pubbox44.cims.nyu.edu
     * pubbox16.cims.nyu.edu
     * pubbox29.cims.nyu.edu
     * pubbox46.cims.nyu.edu
     * pubbox30.cims.nyu.edu
     * pubbox10.cims.nyu.edu
     * pubbox39.cims.nyu.edu
     * pubbox51.cims.nyu.edu
     * pubbox52.cims.nyu.edu
     * pubbox41.cims.nyu.edu

   Some significant software updates include (but are not limited to):
     * Linux kernel (automatic REBOOT)

   Read online at:

   NYU Courant Institute


   1. https://cims.nyu.edu/webapps/content/systems/resources/computeservers

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