Nader Masmoudi

Professor of Mathematics
Warren Weaver Hall, Office 729


Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Paris Dauphine, France, 1999.
B.S., Magistere, Mathematics, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France, 1996.

Research Interests

I work in the area of PDEs, mostly on problems coming form fluid mechanics and Gaz dynamics. I am interested in long time behavior, asymptotic problems, …

Selected Publications

N. Masmoudi, "Global existence of weak solutions to the FENE dumbbell model of polymeric flows", Inventiones Mathematicae 191, no. 2, 427-500 (2013)
P. Germain, N. Masmoudi, and J. Shatah, "Global solutions for the gravity water waves equation in dimension 3", Annals of Mathematics 175, no. 2, 691-754 (2012)
D. Gérard-Varet and N. Masmoudi, "Homogenization and boundary layers", Acta Mathematica 209, no. 1, 133-178 (2012)

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