Kedem, Zvi -- Computer Security (G22.3033.01)

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                  Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman, Mike Speciner.
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          SERIES :Prentice Hall series in computer networking and distributed
                  systems ;                                                     

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           TITLE :Primality and cryptography / Evangelos Kranakis.
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          SERIES :Wiley-Teubner series in computer science ;                    

          AUTHOR :Menezes, A. J. (Alfred J.), 1965-
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         EDITION :Applied cryptography
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          SERIES :Discrete mathematics and its applications ;                   

          AUTHOR :Nichols, Randall K.
           TITLE :ICSA guide to cryptography / Randall K. Nichols.
       PUBLISHER :New York : McGraw Hill, c1999.                                

          AUTHOR :Schneier, Bruce, 1963-
           TITLE :Applied cryptography : protocols, algorithms, and source code
                  in C / Bruce Schneier.
         EDITION :2nd ed.
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          AUTHOR :Stallings, William.
           TITLE :Cryptography and network security : principles and practice /
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         EDITION :2nd ed.
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          AUTHOR :Stinson, Douglas R. (Douglas Robert), 1956-
           TITLE :Cryptography : theory and practice / Douglas R. Stinson.
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          SERIES :Discrete mathematics and its applications ;                   

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