These technical reports are results of funded research at the Courant Institute, going back to the late 1940's. The funding agencies were AEC (now Dept of Energy), U.S. Air Force, to name only a few. They are designated by various report series codes, such as "EM-19". The series are no longer currently published.

A large selection of these reports are currently available in digital form at the Internet Archive

To order a photocopy of Courant Institute Technical Report(s), please with your name, postal address and report(s) information (title, author, year). The report(s) you requested is(are) available at $.35 per page. After your e-mail request is received we will send you a bill, which you return us back with payment enclosed (check or money order drawn in U.S. funds and payable to New York University). The order will be filled after payment is received.

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