New Books for 04/06/2001

TITLE:Proceedings of the Eighth ACM Symposium on Advances in Geographic Information Systems ; November 10-11, 2000, Washington, D.C., USA / editors, Ki-Joune Li ... [et al.]
PUBLISHER:New York : Association for Computing Machinery, c2000.
CALL NUMBER:G 70.212 .I59 2000 CIMM
AUTHOR:Zhu, Jianwei, 1970-
TITLE:Modular pricing of options : an application of Fourier analysis / Jianwei Zhu.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2000.
SERIES:Lecture notes in economics and mathematical systems, 493
CALL NUMBER:HG 6024 .A3 Z496 2000 CIMM
TITLE:Assets 2000 : the Fourth International ACM Conference on Assistive Technologies : November 13-15, 2000, Hilton Arlington & Towers, Arlington, Virginia / sponsored by ACM SIGCAPH.
PUBLISHER:New York, N.Y. : Association for Computing Machinery, c2000.
CALL NUMBER:HV 1569.5 .A24 2000 CIMM
TITLE:Computational mathematics driven by industrial problems : lectures given at the 1st session of the Centro internazionale matematico estivo (C.I.M.E.) held in Martina Franca, Italy, June 21-27, 1999 / R. Burkard ... [et al.] ; editor [sic], V. Capasso, H. Engel, J. Periaux.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2000.
SERIES:Lecture notes in mathematics, 1739.
CALL NUMBER:QA 3 .L28 no. 1739 CIMM
AUTHOR:Aigner, Martin, 1942-
TITLE:Proofs from the book / Martin Aigner, Günter M. Ziegler ; illustrations by Karl H. Hofmann.
EDITION:2nd ed.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2001.
AUTHOR:Thomas, David, 1956-
TITLE:Programming Ruby : the pragmatic programmer's guide / David Thomas, Andrew Hunt.
PUBLISHER:Boston ; London : Addison-Wesley, c2001.
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.64 .T494 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Yokoo, Makoto.
TITLE:Distributed constraint satisfaction : foundations of cooperation in multi-agent systems / Makoto Yokoo.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2001.
SERIES:Springer series on agent technology
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.76 .I58 Y65 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Kohonen, Teuvo.
TITLE:Self-organizing maps / Teuvo Kohonen.
EDITION:3rd ed.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, 2001.
SERIES:Springer series in information sciences ; 30
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.87 .K65 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Johnson, Neil F.
TITLE:Information hiding : steganography and watermarking : attacks and countermeasures / by Neil F. Johnson, Zoran Duric, Sushil Jajodia.
PUBLISHER:Boston ; London : Kluwer Academic, c2001.
SERIES:Advances in information security ; 1
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.9 .A25 J25 2001 CIMM
TITLE:Real-time database systems : architecture and techniques / edited by Kam-Yiu Lam, Tei-Wei Kuo.
PUBLISHER:Boston ; London : Kluwer Academic, c2001.
SERIES:The Kluwer international series in engineering and computer science ; SECS 593
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.9 .D26 R435 2001 CIMM
TITLE:Component database systems / edited by Klaus R. Dittrich, Andreas Geppert.
PUBLISHER:San Francisco : Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, c2001.
SERIES:The Morgan Kaufmann series in data management systems
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.9 .D3 C65 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Silberschatz, Abraham.
TITLE:Database system concepts / Abraham Silberschatz, Henry F. Korth, S. Sudarshan.
EDITION:3rd ed., 3rd printing
PUBLISHER:Boston : WCB/McGraw-Hill, c1999.
SERIES:McGraw-Hill series in computer science
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.9 .D3 S5637 1999 CIMM
AUTHOR:Adamo, Jean-Marc, 1943-
TITLE:Data mining for association rules and sequential patterns : sequential and parallel algorithms / Jean-Marc Adamo.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, c2001.
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.9 .D343 A33 2001 CIMM
TITLE:VRST 2000 : proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, Oct. 22nd-25th 2000, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul, Korea / edited by Kwang Yun Wohn ; sponsored by ACM SIG-CHI... [et al.].
PUBLISHER:New York : Association for Computing Machinery, c2000.
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.9 .H85 A285 2000 CIMM
AUTHOR:Lau, Yun-Tung.
TITLE:The art of objects : object-oriented design and architecture / Yun-Tung Lau.
PUBLISHER:Boston [Mass.] : Addison-Wesley, c2001.
SERIES:The Addison-Wesley object technology series
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.9 .O35 L39 2001 CIMM
TITLE:Computer algebra in scientific computing : CASC 2000 : proceedings of the third workshop on Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing, Samarkand, October 5-9, 2000 / Victor G. Ganzha, Ernst W. Mayr, Evgenii V. Vorozhtsov (eds.).
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2000.
CALL NUMBER:QA 155.7 .E4 W67 2000 CIMM
AUTHOR:Zemanian, A. H. (Armen H.)
TITLE:Pristine transfinite graphs and permissive electrical networks / Armen H. Zemanian.
PUBLISHER:Boston : Birkhäuser, c2001.
AUTHOR:Cornuejols, Gerard, 1950-
TITLE:Combinatorial optimization : packing and covering / Gérard Cornuéjols.
PUBLISHER:Philadelphia, PA : Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2001.
SERIES:CBMS-NSF regional conference series in applied mathematics ; 74
CALL NUMBER:QA 166.7 .C67 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Wang, Dongming.
TITLE:Elimination methods / D. Wang.
PUBLISHER:Wien ; New York : Springer, 2001.
SERIES:Texts and monographs in symbolic computation,
AUTHOR:Olds, C. D. (Carl Douglas), 1912-
TITLE:The geometry of numbers / C.D. Olds, Anneli Lax, Giuliana P. Davidoff.
PUBLISHER:Washington, D.C. : Mathematical Association of America, c2000.
SERIES:Anneli Lax new mathematical library ; 41
CALL NUMBER:QA 241.5 .O43 2000 CIMM
TITLE:International symposium on ring theory / Gary F. Birkenmeier, Jae Keol Park, Young Soo Park, editors.
PUBLISHER:Boston : Birkhäuser, c2001.
SERIES:Trends in mathematics
TITLE:Theory and practical issues on cellular automata : proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry, Karlsruhe, 4-6 October 2000 / S. Bandini and T. Worsch (eds)
PUBLISHER:London : Springer, c2001.
CALL NUMBER:QA 267.5 .C45 C67 2000 CIMM
AUTHOR:Buchmann, Johannes.
TITLE:Introduction to cryptography / Johannes A. Buchmann.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer-Verlag, c2001.
SERIES:Undergraduate texts in mathematics
TITLE:Coding theory and cryptography : the essentials / D.R. Hankerson ... [et al.].
EDITION:2nd ed., rev. and expanded.
PUBLISHER:New York : Marcel Dekker, c2000.
SERIES:Monographs and textbooks in pure and applied mathematics ; 234
CALL NUMBER:QA 268 .C675 2000 CIMM
AUTHOR:Minh, D. L. (Do Le), 1949-
TITLE:Applied probability models / D.L. (Paul) Minh.
PUBLISHER:Australia ; [Pacific Grove CA] : Brooks/Cole Pub., c2001.
CALL NUMBER:QA 273 .M552 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Devroye, Luc.
TITLE:Combinatorial methods in density estimation / Luc Devroye, Gábor Lugosi.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, c2001.
SERIES:Springer series in statistics
CALL NUMBER:QA 273.6 .D46 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Pathak, R. S.
TITLE:A course in distribution theory and applications / R.S. Pathak.
PUBLISHER:Boca Raton, Fla. ; London : CRC Press/Narosa Pub. House, c2001.
CALL NUMBER:QA 273.6 .P375 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Liptser, R. Sh. (Robert Shevilevich)
UNIFORM TITLE:Statistika sluchainykh protsessov. English
TITLE:Statistics of random processes / Robert S. Liptser, Albert N. Shiryaev ; translated by A.B. Aries ; translation editor, Stephen S. Wilson.
EDITION:2nd, rev. and expanded ed.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2001.
SERIES:Applications of mathematics, 5-6
CALL NUMBER:QA 274 .L5713 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Härdle, Wolfgang.
TITLE:Partially linear models / Wolfgang Härdle, Hua Liang, Jiti Gao.
PUBLISHER:Heidelberg [Germany] ; New York : Physica-Verlag, c2000.
SERIES:Contributions to statistics
AUTHOR:Lieb, Elliott H.
TITLE:Analysis / Elliott H. Lieb, Michael Loss.
EDITION:2nd ed.
PUBLISHER:Providence, RI : American Mathematical Society, 2001.
SERIES:Graduate studies in mathematics ; v. 14
AUTHOR:Narasimhan, Raghavan.
TITLE:Complex analysis in one variable.
EDITION:2nd ed. / Raghavan Narasimhan, Yves Nievergelt.
PUBLISHER:Boston : Birkhäuser Boston, c2001.
AUTHOR:Nishino, Toshio.
UNIFORM TITLE:Tahensu kansuron. English
TITLE:Function theory in several complex variables / Toshio Nishino ; translated by Norman Levenberg, Hiroshi Yamaguchi.
PUBLISHER:Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, c2001.
SERIES:Translations of mathematical monographs, v. 193
CALL NUMBER:QA 331.7 .N5713 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Perko, Lawrence.
TITLE:Differential equations and dynamical systems / Lawrence Perko.
EDITION:3rd ed.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, c2001.
SERIES:Texts in applied mathematics ; 7
AUTHOR:Lang, Jens.
TITLE:Adaptive multilevel solution of nonlinear parabolic PDE systems : theory, algorithm, and applications / Jens Lang.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2001.
SERIES:Lecture notes in computational science and engineering, 16
CALL NUMBER:QA 377 .L353 2001 CIMM
TITLE:Harmonic analysis and partial differential equations : essays in honor of Alberto P. Calderón / edited by Michael Christ, Carlos E. Kenig, and Cora Sadosky.
PUBLISHER:Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago Press, 1999.
SERIES:Chicago lectures in mathematics series
CALL NUMBER:QA 403 .H225 1999 CIMM
AUTHOR:Dunkl, Charles F., 1941-
TITLE:Orthogonal polynomials of several variables / Charles F. Dunkl and Yuan Xu.
PUBLISHER:Cambridge (UK); New York : Cambridge University Press, 2001.
SERIES:Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications ; 81
CALL NUMBER:QA 404.5 .D86 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Armitage, David H., 1945-
TITLE:Classical potential theory / David H. Armitage, Stephen J. Gardiner.
PUBLISHER:London ; New York : Springer, c2001.
SERIES:Springer monographs in mathematics
CALL NUMBER:QA 404.7 .A65 2001 CIMM
AUTHOR:Fadell, Edward R., 1926-
TITLE:Geometry and topology of configuration spaces / Edward R. Fadell, Sufian Y. Husseini.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2001.
SERIES:Springer monographs in mathematics,
AUTHOR:Heinonen, Juha.
TITLE:Lectures on analysis on metric spaces / Juha Heinonen.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, c2001.
CALL NUMBER:QA 611.28 .H44 2001 CIMM
TITLE:Groups of homotopy self-equivalences and related topics : proceedings of the Workshop on Groups of Homotopy Self-Equivalences and Related Topics, September 5-11, 1999, University of Milan, Gorgnano, Italy / Ken-ichi Maruyama, John W. Rutter, editors.
PUBLISHER:Providence, RI : American Mathematical Society, 2001.
CALL NUMBER:QA 612.72 .W67 1999 CIMM
AUTHOR:Lynch, Stephen, 1964-
TITLE:Dynamical systems with applications using MAPLE / Stephen Lynch.
PUBLISHER:Boston : Birkhäuser, c2001.
CALL NUMBER:QA 614.8 .L96 2001 CIMM
TITLE:Handbook of differential geometry / editors, Franki J.E. Dillen, Leopold C.A. Verstraelen.
EDITION:1st ed.
PUBLISHER:Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier, 2000-
CALL NUMBER:QA 641 .H36 2000
AUTHOR:Borre, K. (Kai)
TITLE:Plane networks and their applications / Kai Borre.
PUBLISHER:Boston : Birkhäuser, c2001.
AUTHOR:Maslov, V. P. (Viktor Pavlovich)
UNIFORM TITLE:Uravneniia odnomernogo barotropnogo gaza. English
TITLE:Nonlinear wave equations perturbed by viscous terms / by Viktor P. Maslov, Petr P. Mosolov ; translated from the Russian by M.A. Shishkova.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Walter de Gruyter, 2000.
SERIES:De Gruyter expositions in mathematics ; 31
CALL NUMBER:QA 930 .M2913 2000 CIMM
AUTHOR:Pevzner, Pavel.
TITLE:Computational molecular biology : an algorithmic approach / Pavel A. Pevzner.
PUBLISHER:Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2000.
SERIES:Computational molecular biology
AUTHOR:Nolfi, Stefano.
TITLE:Evolutionary robotics : the biology, intelligence, and technology of self-organizing machines / Stefano Nolfi and Dario Floreano.
PUBLISHER:Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2000.
SERIES:Intelligent robots and autonomous agents
CALL NUMBER:TJ 211.37 .N65 2000 CIMM
AUTHOR:Held, Gilbert, 1943-
TITLE:Data over wireless networks : Bluetooth, WAP, and wireless LANS / Gil Held.
PUBLISHER:New York, NY : McGraw-Hill,c2001.
CALL NUMBER:TK 5103.2 .H45 2001 CIMM
UNIFORM TITLE:Digitale Fernsehtechnik. English
TITLE:Digital video broadcasting (DVB) : the international standard for digital television / [edited by] Ulrich Reimers.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2001.
CALL NUMBER:TK 6678 .D5213 2001 CIMM