New Books for 02/01/2008

AUTHOR:Pratt, L. J., 1952-
TITLE:Nonlinear topographic effects in the ocean and atmosphere / Larry J. Pratt and John A. Whitehead.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, c2008.
SERIES:Atmospheric and oceanographic sciences library ; v. 36
AUTHOR:Thalmann, Daniel.
TITLE:Crowd simulation / Daniel Thalmann, Soraia Raupp Musse.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, c2007.
CALL NUMBER:H 61.25 .T48 2007 CIMM
TITLE:Paris-Princeton Lectures on Mathematical Finance 2004 / René A. Carmona ... [et al.] ; editorial committee, R.A. Carmona ... [et al.].
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2007.
SERIES:Lecture notes in mathematics, 1919
CALL NUMBER:HF 5691 .P25 2004 CIMM
AUTHOR:Hubbard, John H.
TITLE:Newton's method applied to two quadratic equations in C[superscript 2] viewed as a global dynamical system / John H. Hubbard, Peter Papadopol.
PUBLISHER:Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2008.
SERIES:Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 891
CALL NUMBER:QA 3 .A57 no. 891 CIMM
AUTHOR:Agler, Jim.
TITLE:Classical function theory, operator dilation theory, and machine computation on multiply-connected domains / Jim Agler, John Harland, Benjamin J. Raphael.
PUBLISHER:Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2008.
SERIES:Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 892
CALL NUMBER:QA 3 .A57 no. 892 CIMM
AUTHOR:Iwaniec, Tadeusz.
TITLE:The Beltrami equation / Tadeusz Iwaniec, Gaven Martin.
PUBLISHER:Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2008.
SERIES:Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society ; no. 893
CALL NUMBER:QA 3 .A57 no. 893 CIMM
AUTHOR:Dindos, Martin.
TITLE:Hardy spaces and potential theory on C[superscript 1] domains in Riemannian manifolds / Martin Dindos.
PUBLISHER:Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2008.
SERIES:Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 894
CALL NUMBER:QA 3 .A57 no. 894 CIMM
AUTHOR:Roch, Steffen, 1958-
TITLE:Finite sections of band-dominated operators / Steffen Roch.
PUBLISHER:Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2008.
SERIES:Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 895
CALL NUMBER:QA 3 .A57 no. 895 CIMM
AUTHOR:Gong, Yihong, 1963-
TITLE:Machine learning for multimedia content analysis / Yihong Gong and Wei Xu.
PUBLISHER:New York ; London : Springer, 2007.
SERIES:Multimedia systems and applications series ; v. 30
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.575 .G66 2007 CIMM
AUTHOR:Bradley, Aaron R.
TITLE:Calculus of computation : decision procedures with applications to verification / Aaron R. Bradley, Zohar Manna..
PUBLISHER:Berlin : Springer, 2007
CALL NUMBER:QA 76.9 .L63 B72 2007 CIMM
AUTHOR:Kleiner, Israel.
TITLE:A history of abstract algebra / Israel Kleiner.
PUBLISHER:Boston : Birkhäuser, c2007.
CALL NUMBER:QA 162 .K595 2007 CIMM
AUTHOR:Davis, Michael, 1949 Apr. 26-
TITLE:The geometry and topology of coxeter groups / Michael W. Davis.
PUBLISHER:Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2008.
SERIES:London Mathematical Society monographs series
TITLE:The Riemann hypothesis : a resource for the afficionado and virtuoso alike / P. Borwein ... [et al.].
PUBLISHER:New York ; London : Springer, 2008.
SERIES:CMS books in mathematics
AUTHOR:Konishi, Sadanori, 1948-
TITLE:Information criteria and statistical modeling / Sadanori Konishi, Genshiro Kitagawa.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, c2008.
SERIES:Springer series in statistics
TITLE:Principal manifolds for data visualization and dimension reduction / Alexander N. Gorban, ... [et al.], editors.
PUBLISHER:Berlin : Springer, 2007.
SERIES:Lecture notes in computational science and engineering ; 58
CALL NUMBER:QA 278.5 .P75 2007 CIMM
TITLE:Generalized collocations methods : solutions to nonlinear problems.
PUBLISHER:Boston, Mass. : Birkhäuser, c2008.
SERIES:Modeling and simulation in science, engineering & technology
AUTHOR:Pucci, Patrizia.
TITLE:The maximum principle / Patrizia Pucci, James Serrin.
PUBLISHER:Basel ; Boston : Birkhäuser, c2007.
SERIES:Progress in nonlinear differential equations and their applications ; v. 73
AUTHOR:Zabczyk, Jerzy.
TITLE:Mathematical control theory : an introduction / Jerzy Zabczyk.
PUBLISHER:Boston : Birkhäuser, c2008.
SERIES:Modern Birkhäuser classics
CALL NUMBER:QA 402.3 .Z315 2008 CIMM
AUTHOR:Jeyakumar, Vaithilingam.
TITLE:Nonsmooth vector functions and continuous optimization / by V. Jeyakumar, D.T. Luc.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, c2008.
SERIES:Optimization and its applications ; v. 10
CALL NUMBER:QA 402.5 .J49 2008 CIMM
AUTHOR:Korte, B. H. (Bernhard H.), 1938-
TITLE:Combinatorial optimization : theory and algorithms / Bernhard Korte, Jens Vygen.
EDITION:4th ed.
PUBLISHER:Berlin : Springer, c2008.
SERIES:Algorithms and combinatorics, 21
CALL NUMBER:QA 402.5 .K6665 2008 CIMM
AUTHOR:Schaefer, Robert.
TITLE:Foundations of global genetic optimization / Robert Schaefer ; chapter 6 written by Henryk Telega.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2007.
SERIES:Studies in computational intelligence, v. 74
CALL NUMBER:QA 402.5 .S338 2007 CIMM
AUTHOR:Sarfraz, Muhammad.
TITLE:Interactive curve modeling : with applications to computer graphics, vision and image processing / M. Sarfraz.
PUBLISHER:New York ; London : Springer, 2008.
CALL NUMBER:QA 483 .S374 2008 CIMM
AUTHOR:Bahri, Abbas.
TITLE:Recent progress in conformal geometry / Abbas Bahri, Yongzhong Xu.
PUBLISHER:London : Imperial College Press, c2007.
SERIES:Imperial College Press advanced texts in mathematics ; vol. 1
AUTHOR:Tu, Loring W.
TITLE:Introduction to manifolds / Loring W. Tu.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, c2008.
AUTHOR:Pettini, Marco.
TITLE:Geometry and topology in Hamiltonian dynamics and statistical mechanics / Marco Pettini.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer, c2007.
SERIES:Interdisciplinary applied mathematics ; v. 33
CALL NUMBER:QA 614.83 .P478 2007 CIMM
AUTHOR:Edgar, Gerald A., 1949-
TITLE:Measure, topology, and fractal geometry / Gerald A. Edgar.
EDITION:2nd ed.
PUBLISHER:New York : Springer-Verlag, c2008.
SERIES:Undergraduate texts in mathematics
CALL NUMBER:QA 614.86 .E34 2008 CIMM
AUTHOR:Vàzquez, Rafael.
TITLE:Control of turbulent and magnetohydrodynamic channel flows : boundary stabilization and state estimation / Rafael Vazquez, Miroslav Krstic.
PUBLISHER:Boston : Birkhäuser, c2008.
SERIES:Systems & control: foundations & applications
TITLE:Mathematical modeling of biological systems / Andreas Deutsch ... [et al.] editors.
PUBLISHER:Boston ; Basel : Birkhäuser, c2007.
SERIES:Modeling and simulation in science, engineering and technology
CALL NUMBER:QH 323.5 .M3655 2007 CIMM
TITLE:Single-cell-based models in biology and medicine / Alexander R.A. Anderson, Mark A.J. Chaplain, Katarzyna A. Rejniak, editors.
PUBLISHER:Basel ; Boston : Birkhäuser, c2007.
SERIES:Mathematics and biosciences in interaction
CALL NUMBER:QH 324.8 .S56 2007 CIMM
AUTHOR:Zimmermann, Armin.
TITLE:Stochastic discrete event systems : modeling, evaluation, applications / Armin Zimmermann.
PUBLISHER:Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2008.
CALL NUMBER:T 57.6 .Z5485 2008 CIMM
AUTHOR:Buttyán, Levente.
TITLE:Security and cooperation in wireless networks : thwarting malicious and selfish behavior in the age of ubiquitous computing / Levente Buttyán, Jean-Pierre Hubaux.
PUBLISHER:Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2008.
CALL NUMBER:TK 5102.85 .B88 2008 CIMM
TITLE:Security with noisy data : on private biometrics, secure key storage and anti-counterfeiting / edited by Pim Tuyls, Boris Skoric and Tom Kevenaar.
PUBLISHER:London : Springer, 2007.
CALL NUMBER:TK 7867.5 .S355 2007 CIMM
TITLE:Progress in pattern recognition / Sameer Singh, Maneesha Singh, editors.
PUBLISHER:[London] : Springer, c2007.
SERIES:Advances in pattern recognition,
CALL NUMBER:TK 7882 .P3 P76 2007 CIMM