Courant Institute's Picture Gallery (I)

David W. McLaughlin
S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan.

Jeff Cheeger and Gang Tian outside of Warren Weaver Hall.
In the early years Richard Courant's Institute for Mathematics was located on the second floor of the Bible House. Downstairs were the offices of the American Bible Society; upstairs was the publication New Masses.
Kurt O. Friedrichs arrived at New York University in 1937 and retired in 1974.
Then an assistant professor of mathematics at New York University, Donald Flanders was instrumental in arranging for Richard Courant's appointment in 1934.
Fritz John arrived at New York University in 1946 and retired in 1980.
Peter D. Lax and Robert D. Richtmeyer; unidentified person (seated).
Harold Grad and Cathleen S. Morawetz.
Eleazer Bromberg, James J. Stoker, and Louis Nirenberg.
Richard Courant.
Ground was broken for Warren Weaver Hall on November 20, 1962.
Warren Weaver Hall under construction.

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