DR. ECCO 2023

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Safe Roving

Team 442


Player 1
  • Player 1 plays first and plants as many mines as given in game controls on the field.
  • The mine placement should not block all paths of the mothership from the base to the destination.
  • Mines cannot be placed on the mothership and on the destination.
  • Left click the mothership once you finish placing mines to hide the mines and start player 2.
Player 2
  • Your objective is to move the mothership from the base to the destination across a minefield as quickly as possible. To aid you in your quest, you have some dispensible rovers to scout and destroy mines.
  • In each turn you may move the mothership, spawn a rover if you have one available, or move a rover.
  • To move the mothership or a rover, select it with left click and then left click on a tile that is adjacent to it. Neither the mothership nor the rovers can move diagonally on the field or through other rovers or skip tiles.


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