DR. ECCO 2023

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Tower Builder



Hey there, welcome to Tower Builder game! You and your opponent have to each build n towers comprising of f floors. Initially each of you are given a collection of f blocks in n different colors (a total of n*f blocks). You will play against your opponent in two stages,
  • Unsorted tower building phase: In this phase you and your opponent have to start building the tower block by block until both have exhausted your blocks.
    • Click on a block and then choose a tower to place it in
    • Double click on a tower to clear all the blocks in the tower
    • You are not allowed to stack more than two blocks of the same color together
  • Sort the tower phase: In the second phase, you have to sort the towers one block in each turn with the help of two empty towers. Your aim is to finish sorting all the blocks that you started with, into homogenous towers (consisting of only blocks of the original color assigned to you) within a given number of moves.
    • Select the tower you want to move a block from first, followed by the tower you want to move it to and submit your move.
The first player who constructs maximum number of tallest homogenous towers (with colors assigned to them) in least number of moves WINS.

Play game in pop up window: