DR. ECCO 2023

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String Me Along

Team Truman Logan Sparrow



String Me Along is a two-player game where each player tries to add a new character from the character list without repeating a substring of an agreed-upon length. For example, if the only two characters are A and B, the agreed-upon length is 2, and the string so far is 'ABA' then the player who plays the next character should not place B because then 'AB' would have been repeated twice. If that player appends 'A' then the string will be 'ABAA' and the other player will lose no matter which letter he or she places. Whoever lasts the longest wins. The agreed-upon NoRepeat length is specified in the NoRepeat field. The number of possible characters is specified in the Alphabet field. At an advanced level, a player may change a letter already in the string before appending a character. If changing or appending the character causes a repeat of size NoRepeat length, then that player loses. Each player may change at most three times during a game.


Smaller score is better


If you want to play in a separate window, press popup