DR. ECCO 2023

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Welcome to Grid City!

Grid City is a small planned city laid out as a grid with streets going north-south and east-west. There is one building per city block. The grid has suffered a snow storm and the Snow Clearing Department (GridClear) wishes to make it possible to reach each city block.

The head of GridClear consults you to help plan the plow paths such that for any two adjacent (north, south, east, west, and any diagonal) buildings, a resident will need to travel over only a few streets/buildings. The "score" of a building is the worst case, i.e. the largest number of such streets/buildings required to go from that building to any adjacent building.

The total or overall score is the the maximum score across all buildings.


- Deciding Winner: The player with the lower overall score wins.

- Tiebreaker 1: If overall scores are tied, the player with the lower sum of scores over all buildings wins.

- Tiebreaker 2: If the overall score and sum of scores are tied, the player who plowed fewer roads wins.

- Setttings: GridX and GridY must be greater than 1.

- Paths: A plow path must begin from the boundaries of the grid.

- Paths: A plow path cannot go over previously plowed paths.

- Paths: Each single plow path must be connected.

- Paths: A small number of paths may have already been plowed by GridClear and will be marked in black and yellow.

- Scoring: Crossing a plowed intersection has zero cost.

- Scoring: Walking through a building to any corner (even the diagonally opposite one) costs the same as walking along a plowed road.


- Press pop-up to access game window.

- Game Setttings: Select the Grid Size, Number of Plows, Maximum Number of Roads and Player Names.

- Game Play: This is a two player game. Both players must submit plows after which their scores will be displayed.

- Submitting Plow Paths: Click on the roads that you wish to plow for the Current Plow. Click 'Next Plow' to submit a plow path for the current plow, 'Submit' to finish submitting all plow paths, 'Reset' to reset the current plow path and 'Previous Plow' to resubmit the Previous Plow.

- Score: Displays the plow paths for both players and their scores.

Note: For best experience, maximize window as much as possible.


Smaller score is better


If you want to play in a separate window, press popup