DR. ECCO 2023

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You have a certain number (default = 3) of covered boxes of Burmese rubies before you. The total number of rubies is by default 29 (and must be odd).

Each of the two players is allowed to ask for a certain number of rubies from each box. There are two possible cases:

  • In a turn, a player selects a box and enters an amount. If the player asks for more than there are in the box, they get none from it
  • Otherwise, the player gets what the player asked for from that box
  • When all rubies have been taken the winner is the one with the most rubies.

  • Press pop-up to access game window.
  • ENTERING PHASE: When it is your turn, type your amount in the box. Then click "submit move" to end your turn.
  • DISPLAY PHASE: After all the amounts are collected you will see how many rubies you obtained.
  • Note: For best experience, maximize window as much as possible.


    Higher score is better


    If you want to play in a separate window, press popup