DR. ECCO 2023

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The Rubber Band Game

Team Zorro


How to Win
The objective of the game is to control more nails that your opponent. You gain control of nails by encircling them with rubber bands. Nails that do not touch a rubber band will belong to the player whose rubber band encloses the nail. If both players' bands enclose a nail, the nail belongs to the player whose band is closer to the nail.

Both players play alternately, placing rubber bands on the nails. Players start with 5 bands by default. This number can be changed by making a selection in the settings menu (accesible by the button with the cog icon).


  • You can select a maximum of 4 nails. The minimum is 1
  • You may not place a rubber band on a nail that already has another band touching it
  • Selection order matters. You can only draw convex shapes with the band. Concave shapes are not allowed
  • Any invalid selection is discarded. You may also reselect nails if you wish to change your current selection

Higher score is better

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