DR. ECCO 2023

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Honeycomb Warfare

Team Adult-Onset Diabetes


Honeycomb Warfare is a turn-based strategy game played on a hexagonal map. Each player starts as a single cell on opposite sides of the map, which is called their metropolis. The objective of the game is to destroy your opponent’s metropolis either by occupying it or by relinquishing the opponent’s control over it. Concretely, this means that the color of the opponent’s metropolis changes to your color or turns gray.

To achieve this goal, players take turns performing two phases: Expansion and Growth. During a player P’s turn, P must complete both phases before the turn ends and the opponent’s turn begins.


  • ✈️ EXPANSION: You can expand your cells to occupy unclaimed or attack hostile cells. Once all cells have been expanded, the Growth phase begins. If a player chooses, they can bypass the rest of the expansion phase by hitting the SKIP button.
    • If the target cell is unclaimed, the power of the target cell becomes the power of the source cell minus 1.
    • If the target cell is occupied by your opponent, the power of the target cell becomes the power of the source cell minus (1 + the opponent’s power of the target cell). A power of 0 would unoccupy the cell (turn it GRAY) while a net negative power would mean the cell is still in control of the opponent.

      If the target cell has a net positive power, the source cell power becomes equal to 1.

      Otherwise, the source cell is also destroyed as collateral damage, ie, is unoccupied (turns gray).
    For that reason, it’s best to attack an opponent from a cell that has at least 1 + the power of the opponent cell.

  • 🛡️ GROWTH: After the expansion phase, P enters the growth phase which consists of allocating R points to any cells connected to P’s metropolis. R equals the number of cells occupied by P that are connected to P’s metropolis. We call R the "revenue" of P. P can distribute the R points among multiple cells in a single turn, as long as they are connected to its metropolis.

    The growth phase can be ended at any time by hitting the SKIP button which would start the opponent’s expansion phase of their turn.


Here are some helpful strategies that can help you get started!

  • ✂️ CUTOFF: hostile territories cutoff from the metropolis for the first time decreases its value by 1 and becomes an exclave.
  • 🏝️ EXCLAVE territory can move but not expand to adjacent tile, meaning that it loses the source territory that it moved from and occupies the target with its current value - 1. Exclaves also don’t generate revenue and cannot be strengthen in the growth phase. It becomes a normal colony when it’s connected back to the metropolis.

Start the game for an interactive play-through that explains the rules in action!

Grow your furthest cells and go on the offensive, or focus on your defenses to stop the opponent from getting to your metropolis! The strategies for winning are limited only by your creativity.


Smaller score is better


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