DR. ECCO 2023

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Havoc in Heaven

Guanqun Yang, Adam Putzer - Team Nimrod



Havoc in Heaven is a game for two players: the Monkey King and Ru Lai. Ru Lai lives in the Sky Temple and there are a lot of delicious peaches in that temple. The Monkey King wants to find and eat the peaches. Ru Lai will use magic fences to delay the move of the Monkey King. The fewer the steps the Monkey King requires to get the peaches, the better.

Detailed rules:

There are k peaches, but the Monkey King needs to eat only q to win (q is smaller than k).
The Monkey King can move 1 step each time. If there is a fence in the way, he will break that fence and not move.
Ru Lai can add new fences after each peach is eaten.
Ru Lai can place the fences at the beginning of the game and after each peach is eaten.


The Monkey King moves by clicking on a destination square. If the Monkey King tries to move through an edge with one or more fences, the Monkey King won't move, but will destroy one fence with each click.
Ru Lai places a fence by clicking on an edge. Ru Lai may place several fences on the same edge.