DR. ECCO 2023

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By Demented Banana


- The Red marker in our game is the hunter, while the Green one is the prey. Your goal as a hunter is to catch the prey as soon as possible by building walls to let yourself bouncing around, while your goal as a prey is to avoid being caught as long as possible. The game won't stop until the hunter catches the prey.

Rules of the game:

  • Rule #1: The hunter moves twice as fast as the prey, but it changes direction only by bouncing off a wall, which means you cannot control the moves of it.
  • Rule #2: The prey, on the other hand, can move in whichever direction it wants provided it doesn't pass through a wall.
  • Rule #3: The hunter catches the prey by building horizontal and vertical walls as its current position to get close to the prey and trap it.
  • Rule #4: You can specify the number of walls that the hunter can build(N) and the time interval between building consecutive walls(W).



Play game in pop up window: